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If you spot a mistake, can fill in missing information, or have a photo you'd like to add (or see removed) please let Judith know. Where names are given (SCA unless unknown), it is from back to front, and from left to right.

Events, Revels and Fighter Practices in 1988

Early 1988
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Oldenfeld volunteers at an FSU-TV auction and telethon. Amber, Aileve, Judith and Andy The ladies decided to auction off Briain. Fiona, Amber, Aileve, Judith and Andy (minding his own business). The signs read "Call now!" "How much for the guy in the kilt?" "His number is 10" Everyone in Oldenfeld had long hair back then
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primates are often observed grooming one another. Keeps the lice down Lyssa, Aileve, Judith and Katerina. The FSU theatre had a quasi-medieval set put up for a production of Romeo and Juliet, and allowed us to shoot some photos The best part about that day is that at one point or another, everyone was all PO'd about something! Devon, Amber, ?, Llorcan. Umble, Maximillian, Lyssa, ?, Colin, Fiona. Aileve, Judith, Katerina, Zanne, Ananda
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Umble, Devon, Amber, ?, Colin. Maximillian, Fiona, Lyssa, ?, Aileve. Judith, Katerina, Zanne. Llorcan, Ananda Llorcan, Devon, Amber, ?. Maximillian, Judith, Lyssa, ?, Colin, Fiona. Umble, Ananda, Katerina, Zanne, Aileve

Anniversary Event, March 1988 (FSU Reservation)
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Jed protects a small child frightened by a scary Drake in armor Drake vs ?; Morgan marshalling Drake waits for the next victim fighter to face the fearsome Ruthendale spin
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Briain fought for the honor of Daenn Daenn is so happy to be the May Queen he can barely hold it all in

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2 visitors mix it up The real reason Oldenfeld feasts are so tasty! evening fun


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Jan and Judith at fighter practice Fiona, Devon, Aileve and Lyssa at the Largo Renaissance Festival "See what happens when you yank on his middle horn?"

Apparantly nothing after 1989 was worth photographing!

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