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If you spot a mistake, can fill in missing information, or have a photo you'd like to add (or see removed) please let Judith know. Where names are given (SCA unless unknown), it is from back to front, and from left to right.

Events, Revels and Fighter Practices in 1987

Early 1987
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Coronation, February 1987. Clockwise: Jan, Suzanne, Katerina, ?, Aileve and Judith Random meeting, early 1987. In the FSU Student Union Not every fighter practice actually involved fighting. Judith, Aileve, Katerina, Suzanne and Morgan
  Domingo and Morgan at a demo in Arenal  

Lion's Tourney, May 1987
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Judy taking a shot of the tourney Domingo Diego de la Vega strutting his stuff (Domingo was a frequent visitor from Arenal) Tim and William of Nowhere in the lyst. Morgan is marshalling (far right)
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Morgan escorts our Royal guest, Countess Ljudmilla, off the field as it started to rain the details are fuzzy, but the ladies decided to crown Morgan as the Queen of Love and Beauty... Derek of the Bloody Fang decides to abduct the Queen of Love and Beauty. Morgan is thrilled with this plan. You can tell from the big smile on his face
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everyone hides on the porch while it rains. This event (and most others at the time) was held at the old FSU Reservation Later that evening one of the oldest Oldenfeld banners; when this one disappeared, Judith hand-embroidered one that Bianca and Giovanni probably still have
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bardic circle Daenn is not marrying Robin and Lyssa. Morgan is not witnessing their marriage Domingo, Genevieve la Rousse, and Briain
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Clockwise: Aileve, ?, Judith and Llorcan a friendly little chat. Clockwise: Judith, Katerina, Aileve, Gunther, Robin, Drake and Lyssa Ettienne and Domingo involved in....well, better ask one of them

Summer Revel at Woodsweyr
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Robin braiding Judith's hair Oldenfeld Players perfom "The Wedding of Lady Lydia" Gunther fanning away mosquitos from Aileve and Judith

Summer Arts & Sciences, July 1987
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the Oldenfeld Players compete for the title of Masque Laureate Daenn, Aileve and Judith caught trying to cool off

Christmas Event, 1988. One of the earliest events at the YMCA camp
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A surprise visit from that superhero celebrity Mothman! Master Jed crowns Daenn as the King of Fools Fiona and Katerina serenade the feasters

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