These pages are dedicated to the elevation of Duc Gaston to the SCA Order of Chivalry

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Not pictured is the bestowing of the sword

The Knighting Ceremony, with a transcript of the script
The herald opens court. (office performed by Ld. Octavio of Oldenfeld) court opens
TRM and TRH call forward the Chivalry and the candidate. Gaston kneels
HRM Yoan: "Having completed your vigil and been counseled on the ways and duties of the order of knighthood, is it still your intention to accept these responsibilities?"
Gaston: "Yes, your majesty."
Herald: "Sir ___ bring forth the Sword. The knights’ sword, is in the semblance of a cross and has two edges. As such it is the instrument of justice but also a symbol of mercy. Wear this sword and remember justice and mercy." Gaston
"Sir Kurn bring forth the spear. The spear with its straight haft of oak shows that truth ought to go before falseness. With it’s iron head and keen point it represnts the strength of a knight. Carry this spear and remember truth and prowess." spear Kurn
"Sir Briain, bring forth the helm. The helm represents fear of shame for the hat or iron causes the man to look down upon the earth but also defends him allowing him to look upwards on high. Wear this helm and remember humility." helm
"Sir Ardion and Sir Cedric bring forth the spurs. Peerage and chivalry accord together, for peerage is nothing more than honor anciently accustomed and a knight must possess horse and harness and all those things which are important to his office. He must be always ready to swiftly ride into battle. Wear these spurs and remember the virtue of franchise." spurs spurs
"Sir Stromek bring forth the misiacorde. The knife signifies that if all his other armors fail him, or if he finds himself so close that he cannnot overcome his foe with sword or spear, the knight may still surmount him using the misiacorde. Likewise, the should trust in God and never despair. Wear this dagger and remember hope and faith." misiacorde
"Sir Severin bring forth the shield. As the shield defends the knight, the knight defends his king. The knight must also defend the weak. Carry this shield and remember courage." sheild
"HRH Odo, bring forth the surcoat. The heraldic device is given to a knight so that he is known in battle if he is hardy and does great deeds or if he is a faulty coward or recreant. He can be blamed, vitupered, reprived. He can also gain renoun. Wear this coat and remember the duties of your office."
surcote surcote surcote
"Sir Geoffrey, bring forth the cloak. Like the red belt of a squire, the red cloak representds the blood you will spill. That of your foes which you must not waste lightly and your own blood which you must not hesitate to spend. Wear this cloak and remember largesse."
cloak cloak
"Duchesse Judith, bring forth the belt. The white belt represents purity and fidelity. Wear it and keep from vice."
belt belt belt
"Your Majesty, bring forth the chain. The chain represents fealty and loyalty." chain
Yoan: "Are you now ready to swear the oath of a knight?"
Gaston: "I am, Your Majesty."
TRMs get sword of state and Gaston swears fealty fealty
Yoan dubs Gaston.... dubbing dubbing
"Let this be the last blow you recieve unanswered....."
HG Bytor stood in for Gaston's knight Baldar. HG Baldar was overseas serving in the mundane Gulf Wars at the time. Bytor wore Baldar's glove to perform the buffet

After, Judith runs over to hug the new knight new knight
Squire cousin Azrec and squire brother Baracas congratulate Gaston new knight

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Many thanks to Sir Cedric, HL Genevieve, and Lady Fiona for the pictures.

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