These pages are dedicated to the elevation of Duc Gaston to the SCA Order of Chivalry

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Not shown is the rather intense storm that nearly drowned everyone at the vigil.

The Vigil
A picture of the vigil table. It is set with objects of meditation. Judith, her mother, Master Geoffrey, Mistress Genevieve, Sir Trinculo and Lady Hyrrokin. Gaston and guests wait for TRM to arrive.
Judith and Zephyrine (Gaston's squire) A close-up of one of the three banners made for Gaston and Judith by Lord Ædric Some of the guests
Judith, Princess Elena, and guests HRH Elena and Gaston Princess Elena and some of the guests
Gaston and Sir Briain The Vigil area Gaston and HRM Yoan
The candidate is undressed He kneels before his mother She bathes him
He is dressed in a new white tunic The candidate is sent to Vigil, with the Knights of Trimaris He accepts counsel from the Knights

Just before the knighting, Sir Severin surprised Judith with a dozen roses She is not really scowling here....just a little emotional

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Many thanks to Sir Cedric, HL Genevieve, and Lady Fiona for the pictures.

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