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Crown List, and as Dauphin and Dauphine
Sir Geoffrey helps Gaston armor up before the list begins Judith and Olav watching the list Gaston wore Judith's arms during this Crown list
Gaston faces Sir Odo. Odo won the next Crown List Gaston verses Sir Kurn Gaston and HL Azrek in the finals. Azrek was elevated to the Order of the Chivalry soon after
At Oldendfeld's Anniversary Event goofing around with Sir Severin Sir Severin, Judith and Gaston
closeup of Gaston at the bearpit at Gulf Wars 2001 Gaston and Duke Logan in the bearpit Gaston and Judith before the ravine battle

Wedding and Coronation of Gaston and Judith
getting ready for the wedding last-minute adjustments the Bishop (played by Master Iefan) addresses the populace:

Herald: (from “offstage”) "What now, Mittion and Dulcia are dead at the hands of the Templars and it seems Rome supports them. Are we to be ruled now by these heretics?"

Iefan: "Trimaris has a chosen heir, recognized by Rome and Trimaris alike. The princess Judith will be crowned and anointed immanently."

Herald: "But…the archbishop…"

Iefan: "The archbishop is no fool, he will perform the ceremony and Rome will not oppose."

Herald: "So the church is dealt with, but what of the Salic Law; this plan fails to account for our own secular tradition. We cannot have a ruling queen."

Iefan: "Fear not, Trimaris shall have a sovereign king before the day is done, and he shall put this trouble to rest."

Herald: "Gaston and Judith. I hope they are worthy of your machinations."

Iefan: "Quiet dog! Behold! All is as it must be. Even now your new queen approaches, prepared for her coronation."

In 1314, King Philip the Fair died abruptly at the age of 46. At the time, his death was attributed to a curse from the Templars. His son Louis X succeeded him, but died after only 6 years without a male heir. Jeanne, his eldest daughter, should have inherited, but was passed over in favor of her uncle Philip V. In order to justify this move, the Salic law was created which permanently barred a woman from inheriting the throne of France.

Alain had been poisoned at the end of Judith's first reign. She wisely chose to retire and abdicated the throne of Trimaris, and was awarded bribes gifts of a castle and lands. All was settled, when Alain's missing twin brother, Gaston, returned to claim the throne. In order to keep the peace, she decided to share her castle and lands with him. They lived together, on opposite sides of the castle, for three years

Then Mittion and Dulcia, having no children of their own, recognized Judith's claim to the throne, and made her their heir. Upon their untimely death, she was crowned Queen, immediately married Gaston, who was then crowned King of Trimaris.

Master Iefan reads the religious disclaimer to the populace Judith processes in, dressed in a simple shift signifying humility The ladies in waiting hold her gown, and the regalia
Judith kneels, and swears an oath to defend Trimaris Friars bring the bottle of never-emptying Holy Oil The Archbishop (played by Father John) anoints her
Judith is dressed in her surcote, and gloves are placed on her hands She is blessed by the Archbishop The sword of state is blessed
Judith receives the sword of state The crown of Trimaris is blessed Judith is crowned Queen of Trimaris

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