Gaston & Judith's second reign, page 3

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Pennsic XXX
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waiting for the opening ceremony procession to start there was a long wait the end of the Trimarian procession is to the far left of the photo
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Opening ceremonies; held in front of the new fort Gaston in one of the bridge battles (in white, in the center)

After Pennsic
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Islay, Judith and Elena during the finals at crown list Judith, Gaston, at the inauguration of the Trimaris Coursing College Greyhounds rock!

Last court
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the Royal couple have aged over their long reign the elderly King dozed off in court a few times he does not wake the last time. Striken by grief, Judith lays her head on his chest, and joins him in eternity
Odo and Elena grant Gaston and Judith their Duchies

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