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The Wedding
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Gaston joins Judith in front of the thrones the Bishop (Master Iefan) performed the wedding instead of the Archbishop (Father John is a priest mundanely) The Bishop blesses the couple
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Gaston reads his oath the couple exchange gifts the Bishop blesses the final union
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Gaston reads a scroll granting lands and monies to Judith Judith kneels in gratitude before her new husband the newly crowned King kneels before the Archbishop
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Judith gives the sword of state to Gaston, symbolically handing the authority of the monarchy to him Gaston and Judith ascend the throne the Archbishop performs the final blessing of the new Crown

First Court of Gaston and Judith
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first court begins. Only special business (like fealty) took place in this court the Knights swear their fealty Gaston and Judith return the fealty

Not pictured is the fealty of the other Peers, the landed Barons, and the Greater Officers

Evening court
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Ædric receives his overdue Award of Arms Ædric, Judith, Gaston and Gaston's mother Maryann caught reading The Quarter

During the reign
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processing to a court visiting Ansteorra for the Coronation of Duncan and Larissa posing for the Pennsic XXX booklet

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