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Gaston was going by the name "Alain" during his first reign. He decided to change it, because no one can pronounce it (it is "uh-LAN", not "ee-LAYN"). The name change was worked into the script for last court, when Gaston & Judith were granted their counties.

Crown List
A&J Alain&Kalim 1 Alain&Kalim 2
The mighty procession of the first crown list Alain and Kalim in the finals, first fight Alain and Kalim's second and final fight
Alain&Lions Alain recieves the coronet Alain crowns Judith
The Lions of Oldenfeld carry Alain from the field
MTV® cam
Wulfere offers the coronet to Alain Alain places the coronet on Judith's head

Crown List afternoon
watching Troubadour Laureate Judith
The first time wearing the coronets (immediately following the List) Later that day.

As Dauphin and Dauphine
St. Jerome's 2nd court Lions
From St. Jerome's (an Arts/Sci event). Their second court (after Crown List) The Royal Parents; Wolfhere and Honoreé The Oldenfeld Lions acted as guards for the reign
Lions Judith & Bebhinn Lions
The morning of coronation, with two guards (Æthulwulf to the right, and Alain's man-at-arms David to the left) Judith and HL Bebhinn, the Lady in Waiting (No Wire Hangers!!) Left to right: Æthulwulf, Sir Cedric (pre-knighting), Lady Jocelyn, Alain and David. HL Genevieve is seated in the front with Kain. Barely visible in the back is Lady Theodora
thrones last court Oldenfeld musicians
Just before the last court of the Royal Parents Last Court of Wolfhere and Honoreé The Oldenfeld musicians played for the populace during the break before Coronation

For the Coronation script, Alain and Judith decided to take advantage of their lack of experience. They were not present during Wolfhere and Honoreé's last court. After their death, Alain was summoned to court as the Heir. Once there, an argument breaks out between the Royal Peers, the Baronies, and the Peers as to who will really rule Trimaris. After a few minutes of arguing, Alain silences them and decisively takes control. He announces that despite their apparent youth, Alain and Judith are the Heirs, and would rule Trimaris as Crown. He exits to change garb. The coronation script was based on actual period coronations from the time (mid 14th century France). Therefore, an announcement was made warning the populace that a reenactment of a religious nature is about to begin, so that anyone who thinks they may be offended can leave.

Not Pictured: Alain almost slicing his fingers off while handling a sword that was sharper than expected!

Coronation of Alain et Judith
Alain returning belt Coronation 1
Alain addresses the populace before Coronation (notice the cloth in his left hand?) He gives back his belt to his knight, Duke Baldar, before being crowned The Coronation begins
Alain Bishop Justin disclaimer
Alain processes in He waits as the bishop gets prepared The bishop (played by Master Justin, who is an actual Catholic priest) reads a declaration to the populace
declaration declaration declaration
The declaration is read 4 times, to the North, East, South and West Next, Alain reads a similar declaration These declarations introduce him and reaffirm that he is indeed the rightful King of Trimaris
Alain Alain blessings
Alain finished reading the declation He kneels before the bishop The bishop blesses him
annointing Alain enthroned
Alain is annointed with oil (This was actual holy oil, provided by Master Justin. It ran into his eyes!) Blessed and annointed, Alain stands before the populace He is seated on the throne

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