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Coronation of Alain et Judith, continued
crowned crowned crowned
The bishop holds the Crown of Trimaris over Alain He crowns Alain King of Trimaris Another view of the crowning
King Alain Judith Alain crowns Judith
King Alain of Trimaris At this point, Judith is called into court, and Alain crowns her queen Alain and Judith exchanged a few private words at this point...
Alain & Judith Alain & Judith Alain & Judith
The newly crowned couple This lovely garb was made by Mistress Genevieve, who was also the chatelaine King Alain and Queen Judith are seated on the Thrones

Coronation weekend
pic pic pic
Later that day Waiting for second court These outfits were made by Lady Arianne. They are entirely hand-sewn

pic Alain, Lanse, Benen & Cryn
At the Order of the Rose fundraiser tourney, with Duchesses Elspeth and Anastasiya. Lady Arianne is standing behind in blue HRM Alain with Sir Lanse, Earl Benen, and HL Cryn
pic pic
Alain and Judith at feast The following day, bestowing an AoA to Lady Bebhinn. She made the garb worn by TRM in this

As their second court neared it's end, the wind began to pick up. TRM and their retainers barely made it back to their cabin when the skies opened up and a mini-tornado screamed through camp. These pictures were taken of one of their retainers' car, which was parked just outside the royal cabin. After it was over, Alain walked through the entire campground to make sure everyone was alright. Luckily, there were no serious injuries, although someone did get hit pretty hard with a flying branch.

pic pic pic
Luccia's car was totalled she had just gotten it about a month ago! another view of her car

other events
pic pic pic
Judith and Alain at feast waiting to process to court Alain at Baron's Champion

Alain at Estrella
pic pic pic
Odo, Lars, Alain, Baldar and Amarhyah form the mighty Trimarian allies Alain addressing the populace at court doing pick-ups the next day

Hero of the Chalice
pic pic pic
Princess Cat watches the lyst with Judith and Alain later that day at court Alain

Gulf Wars 1999 (Gulf Wash)
pic pic
just before the start of the procession waiting for the procession to start

pic pic pic
starting the procession Judith's horse was quite unruly Prince Toirdhealbhach in some very nice sunglasses. His Queen "requested" that he remove them if he wished to participate in the procession

In preparation for the end of Alain and Judith's reign, a treasonous letter signed by the Prince was circulated at Gulf Wars.(Unfortunately, due to the rain and subsequent mass exodus, most people never read it!) Alain "finds" a copy of this letter, and prepares to confront His Highness about it in court (is this about that sunglasses thing?). However, the Heirs are prepared, and poison him before he can act. Queen Judith rushes to his side, and checks for any sign of breathing with a small mirror. She finds none.

Final court
pic pic
just before the final court of Alain and Judith Judith confirms Alain's death

Judith decides that discretion is the better part of valor, and decides to abdicate in return for a guarantee of safety. Just as The new Crown is granting her lands in the form of a small County, Alain's long-lost brother Gaston shows up and claims the throne of Trimaris. King Toirdhealbhach helps him to see that he is mistaken (with the aid of a few brawny guards). As a compromise, Judith decides to share her new lands with Gaston, and all ends well.

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