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Please right click and "save target as" for all movies. (For the computer illiterate: with PCs, this means put your mouse over the title of the movie, and clicking the right button on the mouse. When you see the option "save target as", select it. This puts the movie on your hard drive at home for multiple views, which saves us a lot of bandwidth and allows us to put more movies up!)
Partner Kata - 1 minute + / 5 MB
This 15-part drill combines Asgard One "A" and "B" parts. It shows a variety of the strikes and blocks. (This is brand new, higher quality footage than the previous 15 part video clip.
Partner Drills - almost 2 minutes / 14 MB
This is some 1994 video from when Baldar and Gaston tried to put together a high quality video the second time (the first was in '93). The drills have continued to evolve since this video. The "basic speed drill" was Baldar's original partner drill that Baldar taught his first squires. We rarely do it anymore favoring the advanced tentblock drill or the double moulinet drill. The advanced (basically just newer) version has a different return. This will do till we record some better video....
Basic Sword Drills - 6 minutes / 26 MB
This video is also from 1994 (shot the same day as the above video). Baldar runs through some of the very basic Asgard sword drills. At the end, Gaston runs through Asgard One. Some text commentary has been added to explain the various parts of the drills.
The 15 part Asgard drill - 10 seconds / 270 KB
This 15 part drill combines Asgard One "A" and "B" parts. It shows a variety of the strikes and blocks. This is not a very high-quality movie, but is a much smaller file than the first one on this list.

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