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Examples of Women's Hair and Headdresses

Below is a slideshow featuring many different images of women's hair and headdresses from the 14th century. The slideshow will start automatically, but it can be paused by hovering your mouse over it. You can also jump to any image by hovering over the small squares (a thumbnail will preview)

  • Codex ManesseFrom the L-R: hair in side buns and a net, three versions of loose hair
  • Codex ManesseA heavier type of veil typical of the very early 1300's
  • Romance of the Rose MS 270Mid to early French 1300's, extremely fine veil over hair. I cannot tell if it's braided
  • Romance of the Rose, year 1308Back view of the hair, in nets.
  • Romance of the Rose MS 5226Early 1300's, hair in braids in the horizontal position. Later they tend to be more vertical
  • Romance of the Rose, ArrasThe art in this ms is not very good; for example this lady's hair. I suspect those are supposed to represent braids. They appear to be pinned at the temples with the tail tucked up.
  • Romance of the Rose, ArrasAnother picure that might just be bad art; but is interesting because she appears to have three braids instead of two
  • Romance of the Rose, MS 332This is a very late, almost 1400's book. This woman is wearing the "female" style of hood. All the women wearing these hoods in this ms have liripipes reaching all the way to the ground.
  • Late 1300'sAll the ladies in this ms wear coronets over their braids
  • Ribbon on head?This lady has a loop of hair or possibly a ribbon over the head
  • Hoods worn outdoors
  • Side knotted heavy veilThis style is seen on older women
  • Hair appears curled, not braided
  • Female musicianHair does not appear braided. She is from the same picture as the following one:
  • Fine veil/gorgetNoble lady, she is served by the musician in the previous picture and the one in the next
  • Braids wrapped around headNo obvious veil. She is serving the lady in the previous pic
  • Fine veil/gorget
  • Fine veil/gorgetgroup of noble ladies
  • Side view
  • Fine veil/gorget
  • Two styles
  • Hood over veils
  • Hat and veilsOutside riding