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Examples of Women's Hose

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musician Rape of Dinah married woman and lover
Romance of Alexander
A female musician; no doubt this is why she is hiking up her skirt to flash the audience. Her hose appear banded or perhaps saggy.
Egerton Genesis c. 1360 English Egerton MS 1894, fol. 17 recto Gratian's Decretum, c.1300 - 1330 MS 262
Astyages' wife and mother Romance of the Rose  
History Bible by the Azor Masters. Dutch c. 1430
Astyages' wife and mother are mooning the Persians. They have the typical short hose seen on women, but are shown wearing no brais. Depictions of men mooning or defecating usually show brais pulled down. This may support the theory that women (at least sometimes) wore no brais.
Romance of the Rose
This is from one of the many copies of the Romance of the Rose; I'm not sure of the exact date of this manuscript. This lady also appears to have no brais on.