Introduction to the site

Duc Gaston and I have had the honor to serve as the Crown of Trimaris three times. Each time, there are always members of the populace who like to dress in the style of their Crown in honor of them, but have no idea where to start. I first conceived the idea of this site during our second reign, but lacked the skills and rescources to set it up until our third. The bare bones of the site were laid at that time, but the duties of the Crown prevented me from doing little more than posting a few images of 14th century clothing, and writing a very brief article on men's clothing. Shortly after the reign, the computer that housed all my photos and work died a horrible death, and I was unable to access my work. Faced with the prospect of starting from scratch, I abandoned the entire project.

One day, I happened to be looking at my website's statistics, something I rarely do these days. To my surprise, my little persona area was being accessed and viewed almost 200 times a month or more. Then I re-read my article on men's garb. Embarrassment quickly overcame me as I realized almost 400 people a month were reading something I had slapped together in about an hour. I resolved to correct this at once, and expand on the subjects covered. It may procede slowly, but eventually I plan to turn this site into a massive resource for the student of the 14th century.

My methods of research include the traditional; books written about the 14th century, plus visual research in the form of extant art from the time. At the start of my article on men's garb, I touched briefly on the difficulties with re-creating clothing that you have never seen in real life. Therefore, my main source of information comes from illuminations, paintings and artifacts from 14th century France and the surrounding areas. As of October 13, 2007, I have studied over 3,500 images from over 70 different manuscripts. Only a tiny fraction of these are currently availible on this site; however rest assured I am working to expand this site as fast as possible.

Please enjoy your time here. I hope you find the information here useful and informative!

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