lease be welcome; veuillez Ítre bienvenu! Herein lie the persona pages of Gaston and Judith de Vieuxchamps.

Gaston and Judith live in 14th century France, in the province of Champagne. More specifically, we live in the capital of Troyes, in the years 1340 to 1360 C.E. Champagne has just become part of the royal desmenses. Until 1314, Champagne was virtually an independant kingdom, although the Count did owe fealty to the King of France. After this, the Counts went on to be seneschal of France.

France was at the height of her power at the start of the century, and despite the English bias present in most American history books, she was the leading power in Europe at the time. Tragically, her fortunes took a dramatic turn for the worse by the middle of the century. The Black Death, the Hundred Years War, and the Great Schism were just the tip of the calamity iceberg facing France at this time.

These pages are designed to give a brief introduction to the costumes, history, and some details of life in general in France from 1340 to 1360. As we collect more information, these pages will expand.

Update June 23rd, 2012: I am actively working on these pages again. Please feel free to join me on Facebook for the most recent news, view test pages, give active feedback and constructive criticism, and poke me if I'm moving too slowly!

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