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Examples of Extant Items

Below is a slideshow featuring many different images of women's hair and headdresses from the 14th century. Browse the images by either using the "prev" or "next" buttons, or by clicking any of the small squares (a small preview will appear)

  • 14th century belt, Cluny
  • Ladies Crown, 1350 Germany
  • Margaret's Crownlate 13th century Hungarian
  • Needle case and needles1350
  • patten
  • Pins; 13th century BritishHeads of glass, coral and pewter
  • aumônièrebelonging to the Countess de Baar, 1350's
  • aumônièrebelonging to the Countess de Baar, 1350's
  • other styles of pouches, 1350s
  • purse, 14th century
  • purse, 14th century
  • collection of purses, 14th century
  • leather shoe, 14th centurynot a particularly pointed toe
  • leather shoe, 1350s
  • silk hairnet
  • silk hairnet
  • silk hose You can see where it's been pieced together. I'm not sure what the white item is
  • Remnant of a sleeve with buttons
  • Hildesheim Cope, 14thc
  • early houppelande, dated 1396
  • pair of hose
  • pair of hose
  • silk hose, belonged to and Archbishop
  • 14th century hat
  • Gold rings, British1350-1400. Rings were commonly worn on every finger except the modern ring finger, sometimes 2-3 per finger, including rings on the upper joint
  • gloves, 1245
  • Dagobert's Throne, reproductionFrance, late 8th-9th century. Very early, but included for it's beauty!
  • crown of Princess Blanche, 1350 England
  • crown, 1347
  • child's trousers1270-1280 Spain
  • button
  • burial surcoat of Anna, ~1362 wife of Charles VI. From Prague
  • belt buckle, 13th c, Hungarian
  • Aumônière, 1310
  • aiguilletes late 14thc
  • a book of hours with a penny for size comparisonThese small books for travelling became hugely popular in the 14th and 15th centuries. I don't think the case (to the left) is original but it was unclear.