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Dress in the Middle Ages, Francoise Piponnier and Perrine Mane. Yale University Press 1997

Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince, Stella Mary Newton. Boydell Press 1980

A Distant Mirror, Barbara Tuchman. Ballantine Books 1978

Life in a Medieval City, Frances and Joseph Gies. Harper Perennial 1981

Life in a Medieval Castle, Frances and Joseph Gies. Harper Perennial 1979

Patterns of Fashion: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women C1560-1620, Janet Arnold. Drama Publishers, 1985

While this book focuses on fashion far too late for us, it does offer very nice photos of the insides of garments.

Textiles and Clothing, c.1150-1450, Elisabeth Crowfoot, Frances Pritchard, Kay Staniland. Boydell Press, 2006

Shoes and Pattens, Francis Grew, Margrethe de Neegaard, Susan Mitford. The Boydell Press, 2006. ISBN-13: 978-1843832386

The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy, by Odile Redon, Francoise Sabban, Silvano Serventi; Edward Schneider (Translator). University Of Chicago Press, 2000. ISBN-13: 978-0226706856

Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts: A Guide to Technical Terms, by Michelle P. Brown, Getty Trust Publications: J. Paul Getty Museum, 1994. ISBN-13: 978-0892362172

A History of Illuminated Manuscript, by Christopher De Hamel. Phaidon Press, 1997. ISBN-13: 978-0714834528

The Illuminated Manuscript, by Janet Backhouse. Phaidon Press, 1994. ISBN-13: 978-0714824680

A History of Private Life, Volume II, Revelations of the Medieval World,edited by Philippe Aries and Georges Duby ,Belknap Press, 2003). ISBN-13: 978-0674400016

A History of Costume, Carl Kohler. Dover Publications, 1963. ISBN-13: 978-0486210308

Medieval Costume and Fashion, Herbert Norris. Dover Publications, 1998. ISBN-13: 978-0486404868

Medieval Costume in England and France, Mary G. Houston. Dover Publications, 1996