SCA name:Lˇegaire og mac Gilray
Persona time period: Scottish, 1405
Motto: "Furas Gramaich" (Stand Fast)
Kingdom: Trimaris
Branch: Barony of Darkwater
Affiliation(s): squire to Duc Gaston
Fighting Style: Anything I can get my hands on
Interests: writing music, playing guitar, fighting, painting, drinking
Email: loegaire@vieuxchamps.com
Birthday: 11-19-80 (no, it's not a typo)
Other Hobbies: toying with digital art, playing sax, pissing off the neighbors, and playing lacrosse
Home Page: http://www.visualinsites.com
other info: Leon Terry is an Art Director for a local ad agency

Lˇegaire at Spring Crown List, 2004

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