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Fiber Arts

General SCA Related

The official SCA web page

The SCA Ordinary (registry of SCA heraldry)

Medieval names archive of the Academy of S. Gabriel
(A lot of good information. If nothint else, go to the "problem names" section.)

The official Trimaris web page

The official Oldenfeld web site

The Ironrose web page (an interSCA household for female fighters and anyone who supports us)

Subscribe to the Ironrose mailing list (plain text messages only per request of the listmistress and Head of Household Grainne Gelleo of Locksley)
Note: the Ironrose list has been switched over to Yahoo Groups (at least for now).

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The Rolls Ethereal (an SCA "phonebook")

A listing of the Royalty of the Known World (past and present)

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Fiber Arts
Calligraphy & Illumination

Fighting Stuff

GULF WARS!!!!!!!! You ARE going, right?

Pennsic War (some people still go ;)

Alexander's Pennsic War Pages

Ragnaroc (an unofficial SCA war)

Women as Warriors in History

6000 Years of Women Warriors

Bokalo's Armory

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Fiber Arts

Calligraphy and Illumination

A listing of mundane suppliers for Florida

Dick Blick art supplies. I've ordered from them with good results

John Neal Books - lots of cool esoteric supplies, including for gilding

Paper and Ink Books. Another cool source like above. I've had good results with them

A collection of illuminations from France from the age of Charles V (1338-1380). Very cool, may take a while to load if you have dialup

Windsor & Newton paints

Another collection of medieval illuminated manuscripts

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Fighting Stuff

Fiber Arts

The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia

Chinese Embroidery

An SCA silk floss merchant

A plethora of costume links of all kinds, not specifically SCA

Queen Bathilde of the 7th century (Frankish Queen)

Viking Embroidery

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Calligraphy & Illumination
Fighting Stuff

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