Judith at Gulf Wars X

MKA: Judith Scull
Motto: Aut face, aut tace (act or be silent)
Heraldic Blazon: Argent, a cat sejant erect guardant azure between a rose wreath in base sable. (registered)

Kingdom: Trimaris
Branch: Shire of Peregrine Springs
Affiliations: squire to Duke Baldar of House Asgard, apprentice to Master Guierllmo
Persona: French-German
Persona Time Period: 1355
Fighting Form: Heavy
Preferred Weapons: Sword & sheild, poleaxe in wars
Preferred Shield: 14th century heater (not the one in the picture!)
Interests: Calligraphy, illumination, costume, embroidery, painting, drawing, card weaving, cooking, jewelry making, all things French, German and Chinese, and more.
Email: judith@vieuxchamps.com
Birthday: October 1st
Titles and offices: Duchy, County, Order of the Rose, AoA, Argent Estoile, Order of the Tradewinds Trimaris, Argent Palm. Previous offices: (shire) Hospitaller, Arts & Sciences, (kingdom) Librarian.
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The above picture was taken during our second reign, outside the fort at Gulf Wars.

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Many thanks to Melissa Cope for the .gif of my arms

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