Duchesse Judith's SCA résumé

Duchesse Judith's SCA Résumé


Active starting December 1984, held continuous paid membership since 1988


Hospitaller, Oldenfeld. 1985 to January 1989
Local Minister of Embroidery Guild, Oldenfeld. March 1988 to January 1989
Arts and Sciences, Oldenfeld. April 1992 to January 1995
Deputy Librarian, Kingdom. January 1996 to October 1996
Librarian, Kingdom. October 1996 to 1998


Award of Arms, March 6, 1993
Order of the Argent Estoile (for calligraphy), May 15,1994
Apprenticed to Master Guillermo Juaqiun Perez y Barrios, December 1994
Order of the Trade Winds Trimaris, October 7, 1995
Order of the Argent Palm, May 24, 1998
Order of the Rose, March 27, 1999
County, March 27, 1999
Duchy, November 10, 2001
Squired to Duke Baldar Langstrider, November 10, 2001


Autocrat and Reservations, Oldenfeld Anniversary Event, March 1988
Feast and Breakfast, Oldenfeld Harvest Moon, October 3rd & 4th 1992
Feast and Breakfast, Oldenfeld Winter Festival, December 19th & 20th 1992
Feast and Breakfast, Oldenfeld Lion's Tourney
Feast (with Duke Baldar), Winter Arts and Sciences Faire, January 1994
Taught classes, Castlemere Scriptorium, October 1994
Feast, Trimaris 10th Year Coronation (Sunday night) , September 1995
Feast and breakfast, Coronation of Gregory and Maisie, March 22nd & 23rd 1997
Feast, Crown List of TRM Tearloch and Caitlin, May 1999
Judges' Luncheon, Winter Arts and Sciences Faire, January 2003


Brief Mundane Résumé


Associate in Science Degree for Nursing (RN) from Tallahssee Community College. Currently enrolled in the University of Central Florida pursuing a Bachelor's degree.


Has worked as a Critical Care RN since April 1999 in Level 1 and 2 trauma centers. Specialties include adult Neuro Intensive Care and adult Recovery.

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