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This is a collection of some of my feasts that I've done over the years. I haven't kept very good records over the years, and so have only fragments of information from some of my earlier feasts. Overall I have tried to balance authenticity with a strong desire to make a feast that tastes good to the modern palatte. In other words, I occasionally use potatoes, but try to balance that with something authentic. There are links to some of my recipes if you're interested. All of my feasts except one have been 100% chicken-free! (just one of my quirks; I think chicken is boring and I try to use more interesting meats).

Harvest Revel, Oldenfeld; October 3rd & 4th 1992

This was my first feast. I don't have very detailed records for that long ago, or a complete menu. It had a Celtic theme, and a partial menu is as follows:

Winter Festival, Oldenfeld; December 19th & 20th 1992

This feast had an Indian theme (I was becoming very interested in Indian culture, food, dance and costume at the time). I don't know how period the recipes were, since they were all adapted from modern "traditional" Indian recipes. Unfortunately, "traditional" recipes are rarely much older than 2-3 generations. The cayenne pepper, for example, probably wasn't introduced to the region until just after the 1600's, but is featured in many "traditional" Indian dishes. A good, brief, article about Old vs. New World foods is Cooking from Primary Sources: Some General Comments which is an article from Cariadoc's Miscellany. The Miscellany is Copyright © by David Friedman and Elizabeth Cook, 1988, 1990, 1992.


Indian Name English Translation
Naan flatbread
Batata Nu Shaak potatoes with spice
Tajine B'Zeetoon chicken with olives and lemon
Dhuli Maah Ki Dal spiced lentils
Hyderabadi Qabooli pilaf of rice and peas
Aloo Gosht lamb and potato curry
Sev Ka Raita yogurt with apple
Lacha tomato, onion & cucumber relish
Samosas filled pastries
Dahi Ki Chutney yogurt chutney

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Trimaris 10th Year Anniversary, September 3rd 1995

This was the Sunday night feast. Duke Baldar had originally been scheduled to do this feast, however it was also his coronation! Therefore, he asked me to take over for him. I planned, organized and prepared the main courses, and His Grace made the desserts.

Since this was to be a very special event I decided to do one dish in honor of every Sovereign Trimaris had had; this made 14 dishes. I awarded 2 in honor of Baldar, Trimaris' first King and now our twentieth, for a total of 15 dinner dishes. There were 5 desserts served on honor of our Consorts. At the time, I thought it would be unfeasible to serve 20 dishes plus dessert. The kitchen and feast hall were very small (we have outgrown that site for Kingdom events), and while I wanted the feast to be spectacular, I felt that 20 dishes would be more than our feasters could handle. As it was, I was scheduled to feed 175 (the most the hall could hold), but we had so much left over we opened up the back of the kitchen and fed about another 175, and still brought home weeks worth of leftovers.

In addition to all the food, one of Baldar's squires, Thurwulf, provided about 20 gallons of his masterfully crafted mead for the enjoyment of the feasters.


Remove In Honor of: Dish
First Remove Baldar Langstriter, Ljudmilla von Konigsberg, Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton & Rhianna Valeria Shrimp and Lobster bisque
Second Remove Verron Wolfgang von Groth & Adriana Maria von Groth Lentil Soup
Third Remove Erin Breck Gordon & Branwen bean Erin Roast Beef
Fourth Remove Quentin Wrenguard ap Rhys & Cara Marie of Carlisle Rarebit in Bread Bowl
Fifth Remove Seosaidh mac Seosaidh & Erika Bjornsdottir Scotch Meat Pies
Sixth Remove Solomon Spite & Chelsea of the Heights Oranges and Grapes in Mead
Seventh Remove Llywelyn ap Cadwalladre ap Dafydd, Elina Thrimfostra(Beckenham) & Una of Blackberry Hollow Leek Soup
Eight Remove Arlof O'Donovae of Aranmor & Hilary of the Danelagh Roast Loin of Pork with figs marinated in mead
Ninth Remove Huan Artur, Anastasiya Ostromirovna Zadorova, Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora & Brenna Catriona Dunn Pasta Alfredo with Ham
Tenth Remove Brendan MacAengus & Aine Swrdwal Stuffed Rabbit
Eleventh Remove Trevalyon Morningstar & Carminetta Rosia Diez de Rodrigues Marinated Bean Salad
Twelth Remove Benen MacTire & Rosabel de Burgundy Roast Lamb with fresh Rosemary
Thirteenth Remove Wulfhere Trollhammer & Nadira Bechara Parsleyed New Potatoes
Fourteenth Remove Cedric Steinhauser & Fara Steinhauser Braised Red Cabbage
Fifteenth Remove Baldar Lonstrider & ńsa Flaxenhar Roast Duck with Almonds and Raisins

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TMT, May 29th 1999

This feast used only period ingredients from sixteenth-century Germany, or modern substitutions as close as possible. Examples of substitutions include cream cheese for "soft cheese." I used two primary sources, one was Ein Buch von guter Spise (A book of good food). This book dates from 1345-1354. The second book was Das Kuchbuch der Sabrina Welserin, written in 1553. Most of my recipes came directly from modern translations of these two books, with a few dishes requiring some "improvising" due to scanty instructions (e.g. "...and then cook it till it be done...." etc.) or availibility of ingredients (cost was one of the factors of availibility).

The following recipes were taken from Ein Buch: Ein Condimentlin, the various flavored butters and cheeses, Ein Morchen Mus, Rote Kraut and Rube Salat.
The following recipies were taken from Das Kuchbuch: bratwurst, apple pillows, candied citrus peels, Ein Fladen and Sauerbraten.
Other dishes that closely follow these books but were altered in some way by myself include: Ein Basteln, Engerbraten Ente and Swine Fleishe.

Several of these dishes were quite labor intensive, and I started them several months in advance. One example was the candied citrus peels. This item was not very practical, consuming much more time than product, especially in the volume required (this feast was planned and sold to feed 250, but I ended up feeding closer to 320). Another time-consuming item were the various candied edible flowers and petals used as garnishes. I grew all of the flowers and most of the fresh herbs at home and without pesticides.

Finally, a general survey of the spices mentioned in the 2 books include: pepper, salt (with frequent admonishments not to use too much), sage, parsley, ginger, anise, caraway, galingale, cloves, tansy (now considered carcinogenic), hops, cinnamon, pennyroyal (also not safe for consumption), mint, mace, nutmeg, hyssop, rosemary, lavender, juniper, marjoram, nettles, cardamom, coriander, various flowers and mustard. Honey and sugar are mentioned in both books, often in the same recipe.


Das Kuchbuch der Sabrina Welserin; editor Hugo Stopp, translated by Ulrike Giessman
Ein Buch von guter Spise; translated by Alia Atlas
Food in History; Reay Tannahill
The Form of Cury; editor S. Pegge
Pleyn Delit; by Constance Hieatt & Sharon Butler
Take a Thousand Eggs or More; by Cindy Renfrow
To the King's Taste; by Lora Sass


First Remove Bread, honey butter, herbed butter, herbed cream cheese, Ein Condimentlin ('a condiment': cucumbers, vinegar, honey, caraway, anise, pepper, saffron & mustard). Note: after about a week, Ein Condimentlin tastes a LOT like sweet gherkins...
Second Remove Sauerbraten (beef, vinegar, onions, cinnamon, mustard, dill, cloves, pepper, ginger & bay leaves), Rote Kraut (cabbages, apples, vinegar, sugar & butter), Rube Salat ('turnip salad': turnips, sugar & vinegar). Note: 'Rube Salat' tastes surprisingly like horesradish sauce.
Third Remove Engerbraten Ente mit Stopfen ('roast duck with stuffing': duck, bread, raisins, almonds, oranges & duck liver), Ein Fladen ('a tart': spinach, cottage cheese, mozarella, onions, butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg, parmesan, egg & pastry), Ein Morchen Mus ('mashed carrots': carrots, almonds, wine, parsley & sage). Note: 'Ein Fladen' turned out very rich.
Fourth Remove Swine Fleishe ('roast pork': pork, rosemary & caraway), Bratwurst, Sauerkraut.
Dessert Apple Pillows (apples, flour, sugar & oil), Ein Basteln ('a pie': pears, cream cheese, honey, lemon, oranges, cinnamon, sugar, strawberries & pastry). Note: the apple pillows were really good! The pear pie was my own creation, inspired by other period recipes I have seen. I think it turned out well. It was also very rich (like a cheesecake).

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Judge's Luncheon, Winter Arts & Sciences faire; January 2003

In honor of our crown at the time, Yoan Moon Yang, I decided to do a Korean theme for this lunch. This was originally planned to feed the judges at Winter Arts & Sciences faire, but it ended up feeding a good portion of the populace as well. As with my earlier Indian feast, the only recipes I had to go by were "traditional" ones. I would love to find out more about Asian food (and costume, culture etc!) from SCA times; if anyone has more information please email me with it!

There are actually over 200 kinds of kimchee. I served 3 kinds. Two of the kimchees were prepared by a local Korean grocer here in Orlando. The Baechu (cabbage) and Kaktugi (radish) were made by her. I made an Oie Sobaegi (stuffed cucumber), but it came out too salty.

Korean food is traditionally served as an assortment of side dishes (the number varies with the formality of the occasion) at the same time as the main meal. I attempted to recreate this with the layout of the table. An asterisk * denotes a dish that is recommended with a dipping sauce.


Korean name English translation
Keran Jehim steamed egg loaf
Tubu Choerim fried spiced bean curd
Kye Ran Kim Maroom egg and seaweed rolls
*Pa Jon scallion pancakes
*Tongurangteng meat pancake
*Goon Mandu dumplings
Yang Yeum Kaniang seasoned dipping sauce
Bap rice (medium grain sticky type)
Bulgoki barbeque pork
Yuk Sanjook skewered spiced beef

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