Some of my artwork

stipple A stipple piece based on a medieval manuscript. I have lost the original, and this is a copy of a copy
Asgard arms with mantling The arms of Asgard with mantling
Duchess Ljudmilla a portrait I did of Her Grace, Mistress Ljudmilla of Trimaris. This is a small copy of the original.
Duke Syr Merowald a portrait I did of His Grace, Duke Merowald.

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Art/Sci scroll A blank Arts/Sci scroll for superior merit I did a few years back, done in a Celtic style (not my best). The Celtic bird is lightly drawn in to allow for artistic variations on the part of whomever fills it in. It needs to be rescanned at a higher resolution; those blank lines at the bottom aren't as crooked as they appear. Honestly!

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Talewinds cover; first coronation Cover art for Talewinds that I did for our first Coronation. I was in a hurry...

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Talewinds cover; second coronation Cover art for Talewinds that I did for our second Coronation. I used an ink wash technique instead of my usual stipple. The artwork is actually based on a photo taken of our first coronation.

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Tiger Just another random picture I've done. The paper is poor quality, and is yellowing with age.

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Talewinds cover; July 2001 The most recent cover I've done for Talewinds. Needs to be rescanned badly.
Cheetah Done the same week I drew the tiger.

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Oldenfeld scroll A really old scroll I did ~1988. Also a copy of a copy.

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