Duc Gaston de Vieuxchamps

MKA: Nathan Renaud
Motto: Non omne quod licet honestum est (not everything that is permitted is honest)
Heraldic Blazon: per pale gules and sable, a sinister hand of benediction argent, a bordure embattled or (registered)

Gaston's arms

Kingdom: Trimaris
Branch: Shire of Peregrine Springs
Affiliations: House Asgard. Former squire to Duke Baldar
Persona: French
Persona Time Period: late 14th Century
Fighting Forms: Heavy, light, and archery
Preferred Weapons: "I like all weapon styles; recently I have become more interested in recreating period styles of fighting, and have been mainly fighting with sword & tourney sheild, and pollaxe (la hache)."
Preferred Shields: 15th century tourney sheild, 15th century hand pavise.
Interests: Heavy fighting, light weapons, drumming, mead making, cooking, armoring.
Email: gaston@vieuxchamps.com
Birthday: March 17th
Titles and Offices: Duchy, County, Order of the Chivalry, GoA, Argent Sword Trimaris, Order of the Silver Sheild of Trimaris, Argent Morningstar, AoA. Previous offices: Marshal, Hospitaller (both in Oldenfeld).
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This picture was taken during Gaston's second reign.

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