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Welcome to Chez Vieuxchamps! Within the SCA there is a kingdom called Trimaris. De Vieuxchamps is the household of Duc Gaston de Vieuxchamps and his wife Duchesse Judith. Other members include Gaston's squires, Richart and Lˇegaire, and their lady-in-waiting Emilie.

This is our little corner of the web. Make yourself at home and feel free to browse around. We have member pages; photos, a page of links to things that interest us, and other tidbits including Gaston's fighting "manual in progress"

This page is constructed and maintained entirely by Judith who also has created the original House Asgard website (now defunct), and taught herself HTML and PHP just for this purpose.

Gaston and Judith met in the Shire of Oldenfeld, where Judith had been in the shire since she joined the SCA at 15. Gaston moved there in 1992 and they started dating shortly after. In 2000 they moved to Darkwater, and later were married at their second coronation. Gaston was knighted at Gulf Wars XII.

Mundanely Nathan and Judith are ICU RNs. Nathan is also an LMT with a specialty in deep tissue and trigger point work.

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